• Richard Prosser

The Driven Generation

Photo credit: RNZ / 123RF



We took the bus, or walked. I rode my bike, because I could, and because I was antisocial and didn't like buses, and because 8km to school was too far to walk.

But I guess kids are busier nowadays, especially given that they have all these climate strike protests to get to.

And then when they get to the protests, wearing their synthetic clothing made from oil, they have lots of fun waving their plastic made-from-oil signs around, and then hop onto social media on their electronic devices (made from plastic and aluminium and rare earths), to share their concern for the environment with other vacuous air-headed hypocrites - and by that I mean their teachers and the media and left-wing politicians, not necessarily just other silly little boys and girls.

And some people think they should be allowed to vote.

Wow. Just wow.

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