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More Lies from NZ's Department of Conservation

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Let's get something very clearly straight; the New Zealand Department of Conservation, are liars.

New Zealand's Department of Conservation are poisoners. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

In fact the entire image of New Zealand being a clean, green paradise, is worse than a myth; it's a complete and utter lie.

New Zealand imports around 90% of the entire annual global supply of Compound 1080, otherwise known as sodium monofluoroacetate, and dumps it from the air in an utterly indiscriminate manner, every year, over the supposedly pristine wilderness that is the setting for the Lord of the Rings.

The New Zealand Government annually drops about four tonnes of this stuff - listed by the WHO as a Class-1 deadly poison - all across New Zealand's forests and waterways.

That, incidentally, is about enough to kill around 80-odd million people.

They claim it is necessary. The rest of the world has banned it.

They claim it is natural and plant based. The fact is that it is a chemically synthesised poison made in a factory.

They claim it is humane. In fact animals can take up to 72 hours to die, in agony. There is no antidote.

They claim that it breaks down in the environment to "salt and vinegar". The fact is that there is no chemical pathway by which sodium monofluoroacetate (NaFC2H2O2) can form either CH3COOH or NaCL, never mind both. But they tell schoolkids that in their own publications.

They claim that it breaks down in water, or in 24 hours, or both. The fact is that that process can take months, especially in cold weather.

And DoC are amongst the worst of the liars who willingly assist in promulgating this lie as if it were truth.

It isn't. New Zealand is one of the most dangerously, toxicly, poisoned places on the face of the planet.

New Zealand's answer to almost everything, as it's default setting, is "poison it."

I stumbled across this blog page just today. The link is here:


What it says is actually quite terrifying. I have screenshotted everything that it has to say today, because, well, there seems to be some sort of issue within DoC's IT systems, whereby scientifically proven things that don't fit their political agenda, tend to disappear.

I will bore you with the screen images I captured, and then get back to the point I was making.

The truth is as I have put it in my response on their blog page:

clyderanfurly 04/10/2019 at 7:18 am

Richard Prosser here.

I don’t know why WordPress is identifying me as one of my own fictional creations, but what the hey. Something to do with the inner machinations of the InterWeb, I imagine.

Your post is so shot full of misinformation that it’s hard to know where to begin.

So I’ll start with this; 1080 isn’t poisonous.

It isn’t. Eat a big spoonful of sodium monofluoroacetate, and the fluoroacetate won’t kill you.

What will kill you, however, is fluorocitrate – which is the first metabolite of fluoroacetate, produced in the gut of air-breathing organisms.

That is how fluoroacetate works as a poison. And it affects all living organisms that breathe air.

Compound 1080 was first registered as an insecticide, and then as a rodenticide. It remains very effective in both roles.

Fish, however, do not metabolise fluoroacetate in the same way as do birds, mammals, insects, and other things that breathe air. They do not produce fluorocitrate as a metabolite at anything within a couple of orders of magnitude of the rate that air-breathing creatures do.

The problem is not with trout eating 1080 poison baits. It never was. The problem is with trout eating MICE that have eaten 1080 baits. And the Cawthron Institute DID NOT test this parameter – even after I pulled Maggie Barry up about it in Parliament.

They fed trout directly with 1080 baits. They did not feed them mice (or any other air breathing creature) that had eaten 1080 baits.

And a mouse can eat about 10 times the amount of 1080 that a rat can, before succumbing to the poison. That’s 10 times the amount of 1080, not 10 times per unit of bodyweight, BTW.

So a trout that’s full of poisoned mice, contains one hell of a lot of metabolised fluorocitrate, and eating that trout will kill you.

You’re all Doctors commenting here, or scientists, or both. We can safely presume that, from your clear knowledge. And I respect your training and your understanding of biochemistry.

So I can only presume that you weren’t aware that Cawthron very deliberately didn’t test for the one thing that they should have been looking for.

I imagine you will now want to investigate this particular factor in further detail.

-Ends -

And I'm posting this here because of a few reasons.

One - I'm seriously concerned about the safety of people who come to New Zealand as tourists, thinking that it's a safe place. It isn't, and there's a fairly high likelihood that you will be exposed to poisons that are banned in most of the rest of the world.

Two - DoC, like most of the New Zealand Establishment, are very good at making stuff they don't like, disappear from various media.

So if and when the link included here goes blank, or my reply vanishes, well, here it is, and there it was.

Richard Prosser

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