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More Hypocrisy from the Woke Left

Updated: Sep 6, 2019


OK, so going all apologist-woke didn't work out too well for Gillette. $8 billion in lost sales was their reward for telling men that it's bad to be a man.

I wonder if the same fate will befall companies that are falling over themselves to jump on the anti-Alan Jones bandwagon?

I wonder because although I'm not particularly familiar with Jones' history on radio, I'm afraid that cries of "misogynist" have become a little too much like cries of "racist" in recent times; and it's no surprise that they're being made by the same people.

Both accusations are all too often made where they have little-to-no relevance. I haven't seen anything to indicate that Alan Jones was criticising Jacinda Ardern for being female, or suggesting that she was doing and saying things that he considered foolish, BECAUSE she's female.

I have, however, seen an outspoken commentator criticising Jacinda Ardern for being a foolish person, a deficient national Leader, and someone who promotes a double standard. In those regards he's completely right and I absolutely agree with him.

He could have used entirely the same words about a male New Zealand Prime Minister, and not one single person would have called him out about it - unless the PM in question happened to be of an ethnicity other than something white, in which case he'd have been instantly and widely branded a racist.

It's always the same usual suspects who come out spouting such hate-filled invective - they're the "liberals" (actually they're completely illiberal), the "progressives" (who are actually about as retrograde as you could imagine), and the rest of the "woke" crowd; leftists, anti-democratics, the "thou shalt blindly follow the herd or else" mob.

These are the nasty, spiteful, aggressive, hypocritical, elitist, freedom-hating, collectivist control freaks who dominate the media, and whose agenda is happily pushed by their useful idiot puppets in Parliaments the world over.

What galls me in particular is that every time these people apply their vitriol by pointing the 'misogynist' or 'racist' label at someone who has done nothing whatsoever to deserve it, they diminish the term, and they disrespect those people who genuinely are, or have been, subject to such mistreatment.

To them I say, consult a dictionary, you challenged individuals, and learn what words actually mean, before you start bandying them around in support of your own cynical agendas. It is crystal clear that you have no regard for the rights or welfare of those who you claim to support. Your hypocrisy disgusts me.


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