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Maori in Britain: Vote Conservative!

Well, Britain goes to the polls in a little over two weeks - and I'll be voting for this chap. Not just because he's the Conservative candidate, or because the last half of his double-barreled name is the same as my wife's - but because Maori says to!

Maori in Northamptonshire!

I don't know who Maori is, but she clearly knows a good man when she sees one, and we're virtually neighbours (apparently). I think she looks kinda Ngai Tahu, so maybe she's a fellow South Islander.

It's probably a fairly safe bet that Mr Heaton-Harris will romp home anyway - Daventry is about as safe as safe blue seats get. It's been Conservative since it was created in 1918, though prior to 1943 the listing is given as Unionist. Apparently the Conservative Party is officially known as the Conservative and Unionist Party. I didn't know that. Before 1843 it was officially the Tory Party.

Anyway he seems like an admirable chap, does all sorts of good things for his constituents (that's me, woo-hoo), and Boris likes him - he's not long been made Transport Minister.

Good stuff done by Chris :-)

Last time around he pulled 63% of the vote, here in the True Blue heart of England.

Good stuff Boris will do

Right, that's me sorted - now we can get on with ensuring Brexit, CANZUK, and a comfortable 100-seat majority for the Conservatives in the Commons.


Me being an official voting Pom.


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