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Innocence Lost

Photo credit: The Atlantic

Greta, you're right.

You have been let down.

Your childhood has been stolen from you, along with your dreams.

You have been taught, since before you could walk, about the climate, and the harm we are doing to it. You have been made all too aware of what the problems are, and what the solutions are, and about what is not being done, by politicians and the wealthy elites, to stem the tide.

The science is clear and unequivocal. It is unquestionable truth.

But you, and your entire generation; you have been born into a world sculpted by corruption and cynicism. They talk, but they do nothing. And all the while, that very world - your world - your future - burns.

It is monstrous and barbaric what they have done to you.

And worst of all, it is those on whom you should have been able to rely, those in whom you have every right to place your greatest trust, who have participated in this deception - for that is what it is, Greta.

World Leaders, parents, teachers, industrialists; all have conspired to take hope away from you.

You are absolutely right to ask, "How dare you?"

Your entire lives, you have been manipulated and lied to. Since the day you were born, you and your contemporaries have been indoctrinated to know only one thing; that there is no future, beyond a hellish Armageddon. It is the stuff of nightmares.

But that is all it is, Greta. A nightmare. When morning comes, you will see that it is not real, that it was not real, that it could never have been real.

Greta, the activities of humankind are not affecting the climate of Planet Earth. They never were. The real science shows very simply how that was never possible. And the actual evidence demonstrates it.

When you wake, you will be right to feel hurt; hurt by the lies.

But then you can begin to heal.

To so many of my contemporaries, I say, for shame.

Shame on you that you have allowed this lie to carry on for so long, to permeate so deep.

This lie is now destroying hope in our young people. It is madness. It is evil. It has to stop.

The lie has to come to an end, and the truth has to be told; the truth that it was always a lie, from the very beginning.

I have a ray of hope to offer you, Greta. They have not completely stolen your innocence. If they had, you would never have believed the lie in the first place.

Go forward with hope for the future, Greta. It's OK for you to have faith in it - because there is one.

Be strong. Plenty of us have always been on your side.

Richard Prosser

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