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Follow the Money: Part Two

If you’ve read Part One, and discovered where Bank loan money comes from – or more to the point, where it doesn’t come from - and found yourself thinking: “So, what about my mortgage then? Did I really borrow $250,000 from my Bank, and then spend 30 years working my fingers to the bone paying it off, with the total of my repayments over that time coming to two, or three, or even four times what I borrowed in the beginning, depending on prevailing interest rates in whatever part of the world I live in; and the Bank DIDN’T EVEN HAVE THAT MONEY BEFORE THEY LENT IT TO ME??”

-Then you’d be correct.

“But I worked three jobs, and my wife worked another two, on top of raising the kids, so we could meet those repayments, and it wasn’t even the Bank’s money to begin with?”

Yes, that’s right.

“But I worked fifty-five hours a week for thirty years, and I stuffed my back, and every time the interest rates went up again we had to cut back on something else, and it was never their money that I was paying back? It wasn’t ANYONE’S money? It didn’t even EXIST before I ‘borrowed’ it???”


“You’re telling me I worked like a slave for three straight decades, and handed over about a million bucks to those bastards, to pay off a loan that was only ever a quarter of that, and they never even had that money before I borrowed it – they just invented it out of nothing, and then I had to expend the best part of my life working and paying interest, so they wouldn’t take my house off me?”

I’m afraid so.

“You’re saying it wasn’t the savings of other people, you know, the Japanese housewives and the Belgian dentists, and all the rest they tell us about, whose savings make our mortgages possible because we in New Zealand don’t save enough, it wasn’t their money either – just that having money from those people in their accounts, means that MY Bank can just invent more money out of nothing, and ‘lend’ me some of it, and then collect it back off me four times over, and my life has effectively been thirty years of slavery for the purposes of giving them a million dollars, in exchange for something they never had before they lent it to me??”

Um, yes, you appear to be getting it.


Nope, I’m afraid it’s true.

“Rubbish. That would never be allowed. THEY wouldn’t let something like that happen. You’re just a bloody conspiracy theorist.”

I wish I were, but what you’ve just realised has been standard practice, completely legal, and the absolute truth, since the time of our 12-x Great Grandfathers. There is no THEY – apart from the THEY who are the ones doing it.


Well I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, and I know you find it impossible to believe, but – as you say, but but but – it’s the way things are.

“So – my neighbour, who paid his mortgage for 25 years, and then couldn’t keep up the payments when he got laid off, was foreclosed on; and the bank took possession of his house, and sold it again to someone else – and they took that possession, completely legally, because he hadn’t paid ‘back’ money to them, money that wasn’t theirs – didn’t even exist – before they ‘lent’ it to him, but they got a real house because of that? And even though he’d already paid ‘back’ the value of the original loan twice over, over the time he was paying? They got the house anyway, and then sold it again, and again, they even invented the rest of the money that he person who bought it next, used to buy it off them???”


“And – the next guy is in the same boat? If HE doesn’t pay, they can do the same thing all over again??”


“And the Japanese housewives, and the Belgian dentists – the ones with money in the bank, that allowed the Bank to invent new loan money and forward it to me, for me to pay “back”, plus interest; their money was never at risk? Like, if I hadn’t paid my mortgage, they were never in any danger of losing out?”

No. When someone defaults on a loan from a Bank, as in doesn’t pay back what they’ve borrowed, no other person or entity becomes any the worse off. Not the Bank, not its depositors, not some insurance company – no one. What you’ve ‘borrowed’ is not anyone else’s money. It’s brand new, created at the time it is borrowed, created for the purpose of being borrowed, only able to be created at all (by the bank, that is) BECAUSE it’s going to be an interest-bearing loan, and allowed to be created, out of nothing, by the Bank, because the Bank has a licence that says it’s allowed to create it.

Yes it’s fundamentally and completely fraudulent, and yes it’s obscene, and no it isn’t remotely fair or just, and no it most definitely certainly shouldn’t be allowed. But it is, and as you can see, it’s very profitable for those on the receiving end.

And unsurprisingly, they very much don’t want to give it all up.

It gives them enormous power, and enormous privilege, and over time they have accumulated enormous ownership, of assets, property, resources; houses, commercial buildings, utility companies – electricity, gas, water, telecoms, and the like – as well as PPPs, Public Private Partnerships. They have large stakes, and in many cases controlling interests, in roads, ports, airports, even Universities and research institutes and numerous other entities that are supposed to be charitable organisations or NGOs, but which in reality are largely commercial operations, and very profitable ones.

And yes, they own the oil industry. As a slight aside, oil is of course a very good source of revenue for those who trade in it; world consumption in 2019 was just a touch above a nice round 100 million barrels PER DAY. A barrel measure, for the purpose of oil, is 42 US gallons (or 35 proper British gallons), or just under 160 litres; at the 2019 average price of US$64.36 per barrel, that comes to a wee bit under six-and-a-half BILLION dollars a day. Think about that for just a teensy moment – 6.5 billion dollars. American dollars, you know, the valuable ones. Per day.

But perhaps their least-seen, and most powerful assets, are their majority holdings in the world’s largest and furthest-reaching news media empires.

Through these vast and interlinked corporate networks, the cabal directly and completely influence the shape and flow of information; they hire the editors, they direct the narrative on the nightly News, they decide what questions will be asked of politicians, and the way in which the answers will be edited and arranged. Every last facet of ‘The Conversation’ occupying humankind’s collective minds is stage-managed for the benefit of a very small few.

So what are you going to do about it?

I might suggest that whatever form of democracy comes to replace what we have been used to, in whatever the New Normal turns out to be after all this is over – assuming that enough people wake up, sufficiently and in time, to ensure that We The People do actually prevail, and the NWO does not – will deal with issues such as the aforedescribed.

And if enough people DON’T wake up, and democracy doesn’t prevail; well, we’re buggered, and probably literally, at that.

For now, however, that segways quite nicely into the next piece of the jigsaw, which is about Governments, money, currencies, and international trade.

- Richard Prosser


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