• Richard Prosser

A Symbol of Love

So it's now apparently official that one of the long-established 'OK' signs used by peoples across the world and through time, that being the circle made with the finger and thumb, as shown below, is now a white supremacist hate symbol.

The US-based Anti Defamation League - whoever or whatever they are - have decreed that it be so. I'm a wee bit sad about that. There's too much hate in this world. We don't need yet another sign for it, especially one that has for a very long time now meant entirely the opposite.

Another well known 'OK' sign is the thumbs-up, as below.

I do wonder, and I actually worry, is this one about to be repurposed by the haters as well?

People, we can't let this happen. We need to reach out.

We need a symbol of our own, we the free, freedom-loving, love-loving Peoples of the world; we need to send a signal to the promoters of hate, of division. You know who I'm talking about; it's the Left, the mainstream media, the 'Woke' crowd.

We need a symbol that says to them, "We are One." And we need to offer it to them as often as possible, to show that we're tired of the bitterness, the division, the hate; to show that we're extending the olive branch, and that through all the hate they disseminate, we still believe in the fundamental unity of humanity.

And to my mind, nothing says "One" like the single raised finger of respect. It epitomises unity.

So I propose that we take the front foot on this; that we turn the other cheek, that we respond to their appropriation, indeed their very abduction of one of the OK symbols, and their transformation of it into a symbol of conflict, by reaching out to them, with an expression of our universal love.

I'm suggesting the sign, the symbol, the statement of all-encompassing love and acceptance that is the second finger, which through standing alone, signifies that we are all One.

Peace and love, haters.


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